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Ribon TV Commercial, June 1999

Click on the photos to view larger images of these video captures! AFTER this page has fully loaded, click on this speaker to hear the commercial while you look at the photos!

Ribon Magazine Commercial
ribon2atn.jpg Maron as Kaitou Jeanne prepares to spy on her friend Miyako.
ribon2btn.jpg Kaitou Jeanne approaches the window of Miyako's room!
ribon2ctn.jpg Jeanne peeks through the window, and sees the great Ribon school supplies Miyako is using.
ribon2penciltn.jpg Miyako makes her mark with her Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne pencils, sharpener, and eraser.
ribon2stufftn.jpg And she got these other cool character goods from Ribon, too!
ribon2settn.jpg Let's get a closer look at the Jeanne bag and file!
ribon2dtn.jpg Uh-oh!  Miyako just caught sight of Jeanne at her window!
ribon2etn.jpg Gulp!  Time for Jeanne to make a quick getaway!
ribon2ftn.jpg "Adieu", Miyako!  Better luck next time!
ribon2gtn.jpg Don't forget to pick up your copy of Ribon. ^_^
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