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Jeanne's Jukebox

Here you'll find clips of KKJ music, dialog, and TV commercials. NOTE: I'm sorry I can't put mp3's on this site, because I use a WebTV, which doesn't support that format.

Opening Theme (97.8K) First End Theme (118.3K)
Second Opening Theme (107.1K) Second End Theme (107.6K)
Game Start! (114.7K) Kaitou Sinbad
Ribon Commercial Toy Commercials
Dress-Up Commercial Shoes Commercial
Transformation Sequence (99.4K) Next Time!
The sounds below are from the Jeanne rosario handheld toy from Japan!
Stopwatch Mini henshin
Game start! Full henshin
Demon spotted! Jeanne's attack
You did it! Oops! Try again!

Photo gallery
TV commercials
Ribon commercials
Sound files
Dress-up clothes
Fan art