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Visit These Cool Links:

Hitoshi Doi's Jeanne info page
The Japanese webmaster supreme brings you info on yet another mahou shoujo series!

Lijaka's KKJ page
Though I've linked to this on the index page, I feel it's worth another link! Song lyrics, character info, and more...check it out!

A shrine to Access!
This shrine to Chiaki's sidekick, the one and only Access, also features lots of links.

German links!
Coolness! A listing of KKJ sites auf Deutsch (and English). Pictures, German episode listings, and more!

4eva Wishes
A nice site with a KKJ section...check it out!

The Cat Lady!
OK, this isn't a KKJ page, but it does have some anime content, and other stuff as well. So give it a try! ^_~

Photo gallery
Ribon commercials
Sound files
Dress-up clothes
Fan art