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Ribon TV Commercial, March 1999

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March '99 Ribon Magazine
ribonlogotn.jpg Opening scene of the Ribon commercial, in which Maron's head turns into Jeanne's (above), much to Chiaki's surprise.
ribonclasstn.jpg In class, Finn tells Maron about the latest Ribon. Maron gets so excited, she stands up and shouts without thinking!
penciltn.jpg Maybe sensei will forgive Maron when she does her homework with these cute Jeanne pencils, eraser, and sharpener from Ribon.
totetn.jpg ...which is where she'll also get this nifty tote (with handle!) to carry her new school supplies in!
schoolsettn.jpg But wait, there's more! A lovely Jeanne notebook completes the set. Gifts like these (called "furoku") are always included in magazines like Ribon.
mcribontn.jpg Maybe that's why Maron's classmates are so eager to get a glimpse of Maron's copy of Ribon Magazine!
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